GEC Workshop – Searching for a Job Post-PhD (Recording Available)

BASAS organised a workshop for Graduate and Early Career Researchers who are working on their job applications. The panel consisted of Dr. Sudhir Selvaraj (University of Bradford), Dr. Radha Kapuria (Durham University) and Dr. Radhika Saraf (Marg, Mumbai) who have recently joined their respective roles at their institutions. The speakers offered their expertise on various topics related to job search including finding the appropriate role, writing applications, preparing for research presentations and interviews, and so on. There was a Q&A with the attendees as part of this session.

Panellists: Dr. Sudhir Selvaraj (Lecturer, Department of Peace Studies and International Development, University of Bradford); Dr. Radha Kapuria (Assistant Professor in South Asian History, Department of History, Durham University); Dr. Radhika Saraf (Marg, Mumbai)

Chairs: Dr. Sunil Kumar & Dr. Priyanka Basu (GEC Representatives)

Event Details 

Date: 20 September 2023

Time: 11:30AM (BST)

A recording of this event is now available here.

Contact: Dr Priyanka Basu ( and Dr Sunil Kumar (