BASAS Book Prize 2024 – Shortlist Announced

After a tough first round during which more than twenty books were considered, the BASAS Book Prize panel has announced the following as the shortlisted books for the 2024 BASAS Book Prize:

  • Holly Shaffer, Grafted Arts: Art Making and Taking in the Struggle for Western India, 1760-1910
  • Sushmita Pati, Properties of Rent: Community, Capital and Politics in Globalising Delhi
  • Olly Akkerman, A Neo-Fatimid Treasury of Books. Arabic Manuscripts among the Alawi Bohras of South Asia
  • Nikhil Menon, Planning Democracy: Modern India’s Quest for Development
  • Salma Siddique, Evacuee Cinema: Bombay and Lahore in Partition Transit (1940-1960)

Congratulations to the authors! These books will be read by the prize panel and a decision on the winner will be announced at the BASAS Annual Lecture 2024.