GEC Researcher of the Month – Nobila Bano

I am an early-career researcher, with a background working as a lecturer in post-16 education. Currently, I am immersed in a full-time PhD program at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I contribute to the expansive ‘Voices of the Future: UK Treescapes’ project.

Current Research:

My research unfolds within the multifaceted context of Northwest England and centers around the utilisation of innovative participatory outdoor methodologies, engaging with families of South Asian heritage. My primary research goal is to investigate how intergenerational knowledge transfer may play a pivotal role in shaping the relationships that young people from migrant backgrounds form with the natural environment. In a society marked by increasing cultural diversity, my work aims to unravel the intricate interplay of heritage, generational bonds, and environmental awareness, while also providing valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of human-nature interactions in diverse community contexts.

Areas of Study:

Environmental Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Education Research, Cultural Heritage and Identity

Instagram: @reflections_through_nature

Twitter: @BanoNobila