GEC Researcher of the Month – Aniruddha Naik

I am a senior Ph.D. scholar in the Department of Sociology, University of Hyderabad. I have completed my M.A. and M.Phil. in the same department. I am a UGC-SRF fellow as well. As part of my M.Phil. dissertation, I worked on the topic “The Making of Odia Identity: A Sociological Analysis of School Textbooks in Odisha,” which was published in Social Change (Sage Journal).

Current Research:

Currently, I am working on “Student’s perceptions and school science education: A sociological study of school students in Odisha”. By using the content analysis technique as well as in-depth interviews and focus group discussions among two government secondary students in Odisha, I am trying to understand whether social reproduction or social change is happening in the science aspirations and the role of the state and civil society in shaping the students perceptions of school science.

Areas of Study:

Sociology of Education, Science, technology & society, Cultural Studies, Social Theory, literature studies