Priya Ahmed

I am currently completing my PhD in Health Psychology at Teesside University, I am also engaged in part-time lecturing on the undergraduate Psychology programme and assisting in a range of Public Health research projects.

The field of my research is focused on improving health outcomes, primarily in type 2 diabetes, for South Asian people living in the UK through culturally tailored lifestyle interventions that modify risk factors associated with diabetes. During my current PhD project, I developed and implemented a digital dietary intervention, incorporating a behaviour change theoretical framework, to encourage healthy cooking practices among British-Bangladeshi women living in single-family and multigenerational households. Additionally, my areas of expertise include providing advice and training on culturally competent health care, specifically interacting with and making lifestyle recommendations for South Asian patients in clinical settings for junior doctors and dietitians.

Health Psychology (UK), South Asian health, diabetes prevention, dietary behaviour, health inequalities

Twitter: @PriyaAhmed94

Instagram: @piya_healthpsych