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25 July 2017

Women in Conflict 1325 Fellowship Programme

Dates: Sunday 20th August to Sunday 27th August 2017

RECRUITMENT OPEN until 2nd August 2017

Please send a CV/Resumé and letter of motivation (maximum 2 A4 pages) to PROJECTS@BEYONDBORDERSSCOTLAND.COM

This programme builds upon two important elements, firstly the pilot programme run in 2015 with Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni fellows, which established the need for a fellowship of this type, and also demonstrated the utility of bringing together female peacemakers from different conflicts. Secondly, it builds upon the recent programme held in partnership between the United Nations and the Scottish Government, supported by Beyond Borders Scotland, which brought 10 members of the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board of the Office of the Special Envoy to Syria to Scotland for four days of talks, including a two-day conference at the Scottish Parliament. This programme further established the utility for female peacemakers of sessions concerning inclusive politics and mechanisms of constitutional change.

Aims and Objectives

  • To bring together a team of women activists from a range of conflict affected countries to be trained in international best practice mediation, recovery and dialogue methodologies, with an emphasis on sustainable conflict resolution.
  • To explore methodologies for promoting the role of women in peace-building processes, and identifying and utilising entry points to those processes.
  • To provide the basis for research into barriers to women accessing peace-processes and leadership roles in conflict affected regions.
  • To facilitate the group of women in defining a model for collaboration with each other and with their existing networks, and to map a project plan for creating and
  • sustaining such a network.
  • To provide capacity building training in conflict resolution.
  • To provide shared experience models in relation to national dialogue processes, constitutional drafting, and representation of women in political and government institutions.

Residential Fellowship Programme

The Fellowship will combine the seminar and facilitated workshop format, in which the fellows will be trained in international best practices in mediation, conflict resolution, peace negotiations and agreements, constitutional reform, and inclusive governance. The training provided by the project will also include identifying entry points into peace negotiations, national dialogue and power sharing.

The Fellowship will also draw upon Scotland’s unique experience of peaceful transition and successful devolution, incorporating Scottish expertise in inclusive governance, power-sharing and cross-party co-operation.

The project will also aim to develop and maintain a cohort network, supporting the delegates in remaining in contact with each other and in developing collaborations.

How to Apply

Candidates should apply who meet the following requirements: Women working in mediation and dialogue; issues relating to gender based violence; issues relating to refugees or displaced people; reconciliation or cultural dialogue; fluent in English and from the Indian Subcontinent or South Asia, and able to travel to the UK for 20th-27th August 2017.

The fellowship is fully funded and therefore successful applicants will have all travel and accomodation covered by Beyond Borders Scotland.

Interested applicants should send a Letter of Motivation and current Resumé/CV (max. 2 x A4 pages) to PROJECTS@BEYONDBORDERSSCOTLAND.COM

Applications must be submitted in English.

For any questions about the programme or for more information please contact Emily Gifford

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