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09 October 2017

Cfp: Representation in Bollywood

Representation in Bollywood Cinema – Call for Papers
Thursday 31st May 2018, School of Media, Birmingham City University, UK

Keynote Speaker: Professor Rachel Dwyer, SOAS, University of London

India’s introduction of New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1991 contributed to a significant economic shift during the 1990s. This policy heralded a new era of globalisation and liberalisation which had repercussions for the film industry. Post-liberalisation, the arrival of satellite television, global media giants, exposure to international entertainment, and an ever increasing access to digital technologies has impacted on the type and content of films demanded, produced and released.

The impact of liberalisation has been profound and India’s entertainment industry has sought to keep pace with global trends, on the one hand, and define and sustain ‘Indian’ cultural values on the other. These processes are very much part of contemporary Indian society and consequently reflected in the creation of film too.

Birmingham City University is pleased to announce its Representation in Bollywood sympoisum, a one-day workshop exploring a range of contemporary representations that have emerged since the context of post-1990s Bollywood cinema to the present moment.

Doctoral researchers and early career researchers are invited to submit proposals for papers addressing theories, methods, and close screen analysis of representation in Bollywood cinema and related media industries around the following themes:

• Gender and Sexuality
• The Role of the Subaltern (e.g. Dalits on Screen)
• Historical Issues of Representation in Popular Cinema
• Whiteness
• Stars – Heroes and Heroines
• Family and Melodrama
• Religion and Culture
• Globalisation and Diaspora
• Digital Bollywood

Proposals for papers should include a title, abstract (250 words), author contact details, and a short bio (75 words) to be submitted to the conference organisers Vishal Chauhan and Alexandra Delaney at no later than Friday 15th December 2017. Please indicate your preferred theme(s) and up to four related keywords.

All authors will be contacted by the end of January.

It is envisaged that workshop presentations will be developed as a work in progress dossier for publication in the Taylor and Francis journal, South Asian Popular Culture.

Please contact Vishal ( or Alexandra ( for further information.