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12 February 2018

Cfp: Conference, 'China and South Asia'

24-25 November, Shanghai University, China

CfP Deadline: 30 April 2018

As China goes global, South Asia and Indian Ocean is posit to play important roles in China’s economic and security environment. Vibrant and emerging democracies, growing economies and home to major religions of the world, South Asia juxtapose culture, economy and politics. Regional connectivity and development plan offers substantive benefit to the regions but it is also changing the status quo and new makeover. Regional cooperative mechanism is relatively weak and internal rivalry lure great powers to play decisive role. China’s influence in the region is growing, the US is trying to maintain status-quo and India is rising to go beyond the region as well protecting its interests in the region. In this context, the conference aims to bring Chinese and International scholars to discuss and debate various issues concerning China and South Asia to build a harmonious region paving the way for Asian Century.

Conference proceeding will be published in the edited book or in a special issue of a reputed and referred journal. Papers are invited, but not limited to, on following topics.

1. China and South Asia: Historical Connections

2. Connectivity and Development

3. Religion, Society and Culture

4. Changing Dynamics in South Asia

5. Belt and Road Initiative

6. Populism and Politics in South Asia

7. Rising Nationalism

8. Globalization and Asia

9. Emerging Security Order

10. Energy Security

11. Ethnicity, Gender and Migration

12. Environment and Sustainable Development

13. Media

14. Regional and International Organisations

15. Civil Society

For more details contact the conference cooridinator Dr Rajiv Ranjan